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David was extremely helpful and got me exactly what I needed. I did a lot of research and he was very knowledgeable when I asked questions. Great value! From start to installation finish, if you want a water filtration system I would highly recommend Waterman Filters!

February 2023

We Had Waterman Filters install an AIO filtration system to battle our well water issues. No more smelly, metal tasting, dirty water. We now have Clean, clear, very good tasting water. Excellent customer service and pricing that is well under the competition. Highly recommend this company for your water needs.

Dan M.
January 2023

We used Waterman Filters to put in a whole home filtration system including a UV light. The experience was fantastic - they were prompt with follow-ups, questions, quoting, and were able to fit us into their schedule much faster than expected. I priced out several competitors and Waterman also had the most competitive price. Overall, a great experience!

Lindsay M.
February 2022

I'm so thankful I was able to get a Waterman Filter under my sink in my apartment! I didn't realize this was an option until talking to the guys at Waterman. You can visibly see a difference in the Waterman water versus the cloudy Wilmington, NC tap water and it makes me feel much better about what I am putting into my body!

Ashton P.
February 2022

The Waterman Filter company was an amazing local company to work with. I have been wanting a water filtration system and for the price and the quality of filtration you get with this one.. it cant be beat.  The customer service was great and the installation was painless! Would 100% recommend!

Megan S.
September 2021

So far so good. Just for our curiosity we got the water tested by an independent specialized lab, and came back with excellent results, basically better than the bottled water.

Vahagn A.
August 2021

Dave and his team did a fantastic job, clean and quick especially fitting the water filter system into a tiny space which required some extra creativity to make it disappear behind a cupboard.

Andree K.
August 2021

I had a pleasant experience with Waterman Filters. I called them because of my serious concern of the different chemicals that are in the city water and noticed it left my wife's skin smooth along with mine. They were professional and prompt, so much that I had a system placed in one of my properties. Even though they could've charged me more money, they chose to sell me the most efficient, effective and least expensive unit. I will use them for all of my other properties, because it's a great product and they put you first instead of money. Thanks for existing, Waterman Filters.

Gerald D.
August 2021

We have used Waterman Filters for our whole home for 18 years. They are the best of the best! Excellent customer service, friendly team members and reasonably priced. They have given us quality drinking water and piece of mind. Highly recommend!

July 2021

Just had Waterman Filters install a water filtration system for our home. We noticed a difference almost immediately. Such a relief with having young children in the home to know that our water is so clean. The process was so easy and the installation tech was very professional. Would highly recommend!

Courtney M.
July 2021

The Waterman does a great job. We have been using them for years. We have city water and it takes all the taste out of it. We have a whole house filtering system and have had it for 20 years at this house and had them for at least 5 years at our other house. I am a realtor and have told a lot of people about them and they have also been happy with their service. They are honest and you can trust them. Give them a call.

Pam B.
June 2021

I can't thank the Waterman team enough for our whole house water filtration system. If you are buying bottled water, you are throwing your money away and you are only solving a small piece of the problem. This system is whole house (drinking, cooking, cleaning, bathing, etc..). And if you think your tap water isn't full of dirt and chemicals, think again!! Best health and piece of mind investment we've made in a long time. And it's actually very affordable and Waterman's customer service is outstanding.

Mike W.
April 2021

We’ve used Waterman’s Filters for years and at 2 houses. It’s amazing what they take out of Del-Co water. Prices for whole house filters are reasonable, and service is great.

Steven M.
February 2021

I have had Waterman filtration system in my house for many years. I'm so spoiled with pure water, when I go somewhere else I almost gag at the chlorine smell/taste in the water. They have always been prompt and courteous. I highly recommend Waterman Filters.

Emunah M.
December 2020

We've had our Waterman whole house filter for at least ten years and we can tell the difference in our water...we rarely drink bottled water or other water. The service from this company is excellent.

Donna W.
November 2020

Super professional company with a heart to truly help the customer. The installation was fast and easy and the change In the taste and smell of our water is remarkable!!!

Ryan S.
November 2020

Waterman has made such a different in my water since I had his system put in my house. I go over to my neighbors and get a glass of water and you can sure taste the difference. The best thing I ever did was put this system in my house.

Freda M.
November 2020

We’ve had Waterman filters installed in three different houses over the years and our water quality has always been superb. Doug monitors when the filters need changed and is prompt in getting it done, he even can show how you can do some of the filter exchanges yourself. We highly recommend Waterman Filters

Rocky & Susan S.
October 2020

Waterman provides a great product and service. I have used them for decades now and am happy with the quality and taste of my whole-house filtered water. This is so easy, no hauling heavy bags of salt or buying gallons of water at the grocery. Saves money, time, and takes plastics out of landfills. Simply change the pre-filter when it's needed and Waterman will change the tank every 2 years.

Darcel C.
September 2020

We have used Waterman Filters to improve our household water quality for over 20 years. They are exceptionally responsive to changing filters and willing to show one how to do it him(herself). One of our family members had improved skin health after we started filtering our water.

Denise L.
September 2020

Doug is always punctual and thorough- would absolutely recommend his services. He also follows up for your next appointment without being pushy- very appreciated!

Ashley G.
September 2020

Very easy to schedule routine maintenance and so accommodating! I love this company and the quality of my water.

Stephanie C.
August 2020

We have had this service/product and the best tasting water for about 10 years. I only take my water to other places to drink. No chlorine taste whatsoever.

Susan C.
August 2020

These guys are great! I'm on my 4th property for whole house filters. I know I am not drinking the 256 chemicals in the Cols. water system.. Also know the I don't drink chlorine or shower in it either!

Chris C.
July 2020

We love the Waterman water filters and have one for our home and condo. The customer service is the best as they keep track of when I purchase my filters, how long they should last and when I will need to replace them. And you can speak to an owner of the company!

Rebecca K.
July 2020

Doug installed a whole house unit about 10 years for us, and we've had a great experience. The water tastes great and Doug always provides great service.

Mairead R.
June 2020

I have had this water system for 7 years and it's been great. Both of my daughters have this system in their homes. Great service, great system.

Daniel S.
November 2019

We always appreciate the dependability and personalized service that we get with Waterman!! They have changed our filters for several years!

Ellen C.
October 2019

We are happy to give Waterman Filters a five-star rating after being customers for several years. The quality of our water now is excellent, the cost is reasonable, and their service has been very good.

John K.
September 2019

I love the whole house filter system Doug installed 12 years ago or so. Easy to maintain, they are always available to answer my questions, come out for service etc. Great product, friendly customer service!

Paula M.
August 2019

We've had our whole house filter for about ten years. WE LOVE IT! Service has been prompt and professional.

Kathleen T.
May 2019

We've had a Waterman filter for about 10 years now and love it. Plus the customer support and willingness to help has always been outstanding.

Cyd N.
April 2019

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